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Bean Around The World @ 20th

Showcasing Photographs by 

Kirill Bordon

Film Based Photographer

April 2014

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The common thread which runs through Neither Here Nor There and Setting West is a Journey, a physical journey taken by the photographers but an emotional one as well which the audience can join.

Vernissage Photography Exhibition 2013 winners of the Peoples Choice Award and The Beaumont Choice Award, Adam Stenhouse and Michelle Peters will present from their body of work, Neither Here Nor There and Setting West in a joint exhibition curated by Rita Minichiello.


The images in this series are made up of two sets of diptychs. Each diptych asks is it the house we inhabit or the landscape that makes a home? Together they show the loss and gain of immigration to a new place. One set is based in memory, exploring places of childhood significance, the other in discovering a new place and building a sense of identity with it. Ultimately neither is one place left behind nor the other place fully arrived at as we all use ‘home’ as a method of identifying who we are. 

 adam stenhouse

 michelle peters


Photographed through the window of a moving vehicle on the I-90 in the United States, Setting West explores what the human eye perceives as beautiful. Empty, lit-up parking lots, scraggly road-side bushes and dismal strip malls are transformed through the eye of the camera into abstract tableaus of graceful movement and vibrant colour.

Exhibition Hours: Thursday - Sunday 12 - 6pm February 20-March 8, 2014

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